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I am a newbie in web development and have started studying ASP.NET MVC. I noticed that cshtml replaces aspx when using Razor syntax and design view is not supported. Now designing ASP.NET MVC webpages is difficult without design view.

How do you handle your web page fesigns in your projects without it?

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We do not use designers at all.

We write HTML and CSS by hand.

Experienced web programmers do it by hand. Professional web designers do it by hand. I'm not sure if anybody uses designers at all.

With some practice you will understand that it is the only option that works. Designers only get in your way.

As a matter of fact I've tried the designer several times when I was beginning with web programming. I couldn't crack it so after a while I just gave up and returned to manual coding.

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I think this applies to model driven designing that generates code - Any tool that works as a superset of another tool (code) must match the complexity of that tool or limit it. For a designer to match the expressivity of code it must essentially SHOW CODE, not cute bubbles. Perhaps I've just seen inadequate tools. –  Max Jun 10 '11 at 9:10
Design view? Finally, after six years of ASP.NET development, I've just met the first person who uses the design view! I have been waiting for this day! –  Carson63000 Jun 10 '11 at 23:15

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