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I'm starting a new project in my head. It will be an events calendar. It will get info from openData sources the local goverment provides and will allow registered users to add aditional events to the calendar.

The project is a personal one, and will be used also as a learning tool for me. In the Web side I just know HTML+CSS+PHP, but have never used PHP frameworks like Zend or Symfony, or any CMS systems like Alfresco or LifeRay.

Which will a reasonable technology for this one? I know I just can code plain php, but like to learn some new technology, even if the project size seems not to justify the use of a complex tools more apropiate for bigger projects.

It's hard to figure where to start just reading and not diggin into the subject, but I will be pleased to hear your opinions.

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We are using WordPress and Drupal for our LAMP based CMS systems. Both have some pros/cons. Drupal appears to be better CMS while WordPress appears to be a better blogging engine. There are many books in the marketplace on both stacks. More importantly there appears to be large communities supporting both products so there are lots of places to turn for help.

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I would suggest better understanding and utilisation of a filesystem method for managing your calendar events etc. CMS are not really any use to someone who wishes to develop their own programming knowledge, instead you would just be leaning how one particular CMS works.

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