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This includes everything that contributes to the success of the app and is non-programming.

Some points to consider:

  • How do you make people notice your app when there are hundreds released every week? How to get an article published in a mobile app blog about your app? Should you buy ads? What about a press release?
  • How to shoot a promotional video? What material is good? Should you go for animation or real life footage?
  • How to make a project website for the app? Should it be simple in design? What about feedback forum? Should you use standard forum like,
  • To which marketplace should you release the app? Should you stick to one or as many as you can?
  • Should you wait with releasing until you have all these handled or should you do it immediately? Is there a good time to release your app?
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The River of News maker writes:

"What I didn't expect was how much River of News sales were driven by continually updating with new features. Even if the beneficiary of those features were customers who already paid, it creates a fall-out effect of discussion and more sales."

Angry Birds was not doing well either until they started doing something similar.

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