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Are there any ACM students here? What are the real benefites of participating in this program? And is it truth that it's not free?

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Do you mean joining an ACM school chapter or getting an ACM Student Membership? –  nkassis Jun 17 '11 at 5:59

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You get access to online books, online courses, several online newsletters and magazines, and an @acm.org email address. And you get to say that you're a member (not that anyone really cares).

I haven't explored all the offerings (there are many!), but I haven't been that impressed with what I've seen. The books that I looked at didn't have really stimulating, cutting-edge material. Some of the newsletters and magazines might be good, but in this age, you don't have to pay for good tech news.

The normal student rate is $20 a year. There are some ways of getting it for free, for example by participating in the ICPC contest. I think it may be possible to get free access through a school -- could someone confirm this?

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Do you get the benefits of a ACM student member? Access to the Digital Library is nice but Universities usually already have access. You get a discount on the way overpriced conferences too. –  nkassis Jun 17 '11 at 5:06
Participating in the contest will look good on your resume (CV) –  MarkJ Jun 17 '11 at 8:40

This year GSOC students got free access. Thats why I'm an acm student.

The benefits seem to be access to acm papers, some sort of weird linkup with MSDN and being able to put it on a resume.

Its mostly negligable.

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and what are the benefits? do you enjoy it? –  Sergey Jun 17 '11 at 9:11

The only useful things about being in ACM are:

1) Occasional discounts to conventions and courses.

2) Their library database.

Although there's a good amount of stuff on sites like citeseer, others are only available on sites like ACM and IEEE.

The magazine they send every month barely makes good bathroom reading. Occasionally there's a good, interesting article.

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The ACM student association is a good place to meet like minded people, get free pizza, organize conferences within your university, launch interest groups, etc.

So this social aspect is definitely worth it if your local ACM chapter is involved. As far as material benefits go, as the other responders have mentioned, there's nothing really exhilarating.

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