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What are good programming competitions (or web design competitions) available for highschool students in the Northeast (I am looking for a pretty long/comprehensive list)- of the USA? The competitions must either allow you to chose what language to use or must be in PHP or C. They can either be single coder or group coding competitions.

Thanks you to anyone who can help me out.

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USACO. It's challenging, fun, and interesting. And of course, if you're good enough you get to compete for the US in the IOI...

You can practice for competitions by working through the training problems here.

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If you want programming contests then take a look at www.topcoder.com , www.codechef.com . For practicing, check www.spoj.pl, www.projecteuler.net. These are all world level contests

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I recommend trying to take part in the Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot competition. It's at Trinity College in Hartford, which I believe qualifies as "North East" (at least in the US!).

It's perhaps a bit more of a stretch than just coding, but there are High School and Junior sections that allow that level of participation.

If you want to focus on programming, it's usually pretty easy (for an adult with some technical know-how) to put together a kit robot that will do.

And the competition itself is FUN!

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BDPA - Black Data Processing Associates has an annual web development competition. It's eligbile to 8th through 12th graders.

First prize is a scholarship.

They have many chapters throughout the states.


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This is in Canada, but you can check if they accept international requests. It is very reputed and quite good. I believe you can code in C, C++, Java, Pascal. From what I've seen this is more for serious programmers who like to solve problems than web designing/group projects.

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