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I'm looking to develop a simple image editor wherein a user can cycle through multiple layers (6-10) of images to develop a unique avatar. For example, the initial image layer will be a 2D character of their choice, mostly void of any accessories. The next image layer would be a shirt, another pants, another jewelry etc. I like the idea of frontend HTML5 so it can be a web app compatible across most platforms, but I'm lost on the backend requirements of such a project. #noob

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The requirements in your question don't look like you have very challenging demands for the backend. In fact, such an application could be made completely on the frontend, using HTML5 and JavaScript, with the server delivering static content only. Therefore, better plan what really has do be done on the server (e.g. saving the avatar, creating an account) and look for someone who can do that, in PHP or Java or or whatnot.

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well it depends on what your backend system is, if its a php then hire somebody good with php, if its python, hire python developer. in addition, what you want is someone who knows AJAX well, since it can help in creating dynamic webpage, understand how to build an app with top performance, understand HTTP, MySQL/PostGRE/or any RDBMS, and most importantly, he has to love what he does.

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