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Hello Everyone,

There are so many Questions on Stackoverflow about Agile tools, but I haven't seen a tool which can be installed on a PHP Server.

I'm just looking for an Open Source Scrum Tool or just an Open Source Scrum Dashboard for my Team, which can be installed on my webspace(php).

Thank you for Help!

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Is there a reason you aren't considering a hosted tool like Pivotal Tracker? – Rein Henrichs Aug 1 '11 at 17:46

I havent used online tools for Scrum or Kanban because I prefere Whiteboards for this. But if you ask google for "OpenSource Scrum Tool" you will finde a long list and if I take a look at this I would recommend agilo for trac to you so you could combine agile technics with classic project managment duties.

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Not sure if you can store it on your web space, but if you have your own server CollabNet is giving away a free 5 user license of ScrumWorks Pro!.

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I've been looking into Scrum/Agile recently too. is an excellent online Agile project management tool. It isn't installable on your own server as far as I know but its definitely worth a mention here. Contact them and they'll show you around the app in a Webinar

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