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Let's say I checked out a version different than HEAD. Let's say I made some commits, and so an anonymous branch was created. Afterwards I may have checked out a different branch, so now the only way to get to my commits is via reflog. If do this:

>> git reflog | grep -i mycommit
>> git branch reattaching
>> git cherry-pick hash_of_commits
>> git checkout master
>> git merge reattaching

Is it the equivalent of:

   >> git reflog | grep -i mycommit
   >> git branch reattaching sha1hash
   >> git checkout master
   >> git merge reattaching

What happens to the detached head commits, as I think that via cherry-picking, they will exist in 2 places. Will they forever remain in my repository?

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After cherry-picking, the old commits will still be there, and won't be purged while you still have a reflog pointing at them. One of the things git-gc does is remove old entries from reflogs-- so after 60 days, or whatever, those commits will become entirely dangling and will get GC'd.

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