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Let's say there are two similar open source projects A and B, both licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0.

I would like to contribute an improvement to both projects (because I don't know which one is administered better, and I would like to see my improvement show up in both).

Is there a way I can contribute this improvement to both projects in a simple way? (One obvious approach is to start an open source project C licensed under Apache 2.0, but that's a headache for various reasons; I don't want to maintain a project myself)

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What prevents you from contributing the code to both projects? It’s your code, you have the copyright and can do with it whatever you want (within reasons). In particular, you can give the copyright (or parts) to whomever you please – that includes multiple recipients.

There are exceptions (e.g. in print publishing where the publisher requires an exclusive copyright, or when you write the code on company time in which case you don’t own the copyright to start with) but this isn’t usually the case with Open Source projects.

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