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I need an editor where I can edit my code client side, then highlight part of it and run the highlighted code on the connected server.

An Example of this would be SQL management studio, but I need it for shell scripts and other languages.

UltraEdit does something close with a copy-paste mechanic, are there any others?


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Since this question is about editors, and not programming, I think it would do better on Programmer's Stack Exchange –  rlb.usa Jun 29 '11 at 17:20
Sure. Just run a shell [in Emacs] ... what, your editor doesn't support shells? :( –  pst Jun 29 '11 at 17:26

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Leave the file on the remote machine where you are running the code. Then use vim to edit a remote file via SSH.

Note: Just in case you haven't set up SSH access using keys, do so, or you'll get annoyed quicky.


Write a script around your editor and your server using Obby protocol :

The Obby protocol consists of commands sent between a client and a server. There is one command per line, possibly with a colon and some parameters. Note that integral parameters are sent in hexadecimal representation. Newline characters, colon characters and backspace characters are escaped to \n, \d or \b respectively.

Or, use Emacs.