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I have been asked what it would cost to port a .NET application to Mac.

I don't have enough knowledge to even give a rough estimate. I have not done anything on a Macintosh above surfing the web, and that was 10 years ago. My guess is that we probably have to write it from scratch in java or objective-c.

We are a Windows/Linux shop, and besides forking out for one or two snazzy new iMacs, what else do we need that costs money?

Does anyone have any advice?

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Using mono would seem to be the answer here. I recently looked at mono, and found that Winforms support is missing too much to be useful and WPF is not going to be supported (it would be too much work for the mono deverlopers). For user the interface, you would need to re-code the front-end in a mac-specific mono library such as CocoaSharp. Silverlight might be an option, as there is an implementation of that in mono.

For the UI conversion, it would depend on how well-structured your UI code is. If there is a lot of logic tied into the user interface, i.e. it hasn't been separated out, then it will take longer to get working on a new UI library.

It also depends on whether your app uses domain specific libraries that are windows specific, how much work would be involved in recoding to use different libraries that are either cross-platform, or to write code for interfacing to a mac-specific library.

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