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I'd like to begin working with quantum computers as a hobby. Is this possible?

  1. Where can I buy a quantum (personal) computer so I can run (my) quantum computer programs?

  2. What quantum computing programming languages are out there? Is there something like a compilable quantum computing programming language?

Any pointers to resources, tutorials are very appreciated.

I've read Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists and it's very interesting! Can't wait to begin programming.


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There is actually a language, QCL which is designed to be run on simulated quantum machines. It's based around C style syntax and is compilable with GCC and has added functions to cope with the qubits.


Quantum Computing as a hobby is a very nice idea. I think that to buy and even build a Quantum Computer is unpractical.

But you can have quantum computing as a hobby and read books about it. In youtube you can find some nice videos about Quantum Computing too.


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