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I am an amateur PHP coder, and have built a couple of dozen projects from scratch (including fairly simple e-commerce systems with user authentication, PayPal integration etc - all coded by hand from a clean page. Have also done a price comparison engine that takes data from multiple sites etc.). But I am no expert with OO and other such advanced techniques - I just have a fairly decent grasp of the basics of data processing, logic, functions and trying to optimize code as much as possible.

I just want to make this clear so you have some idea of where I'm coming from.

I have a couple of fairly large new projects on my plate for corporate clients - both require bespoke database-driven applications with complex relationships, many tables and lots of different front-end functions to manipulate that data for the internal staff in these companies.

I figured building these systems from scratch would probably be a huge waste of time. Instead, there must be tools out there that will allow me to construct MySQL databases and build the pages with things like pagination, action buttons, table construction etc.

Some kind of database abstraction layer, or system generator, if you will.

What tool do you recommend for such a purpose for someone at my level? Open source would be great, but I don't mind paying for something decent as well.

Thanks for any advice.


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The only free, web-based tool that I have come across that can generate HTML forms for you along with PHP & MySQL code is: Form & PHP/MySQL Generator (FPMG) I am a Designer + Developer, so I use FPMG in all the projects that I use as it helps me reduce the time taken to create the form and also write the php code. I find that typing over the same code is very boring and repetitive but my work demands it to be done. So I find FPMG doing the most of the stuff for me. With barely few changes, I can make the code to work the way I want it to.

You mentioned that you are an amateur coder, so I highly recommend you start using FPMG & see how it works for you. Once you get a hang of the tool and the code, you can then look at other advanced & commercial products if you want to. So thats my two cents for you.