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Autonomic Computing is mainly studied in academia. IBM does have a fairly advanced DB2 system with fail-safe capability. What do you think is the main challenge with Autonomic Computing? And what PL is best to use for Autonomic Computing?

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First off: I've no experience in this area beyond a university course on Multi-Agent Systems years ago, which was all theory (logic).

What programming languages are best for this kind of thing: I'm going to put my bet on Erlang, Scala and other languages/libraries based on the actor model. Erlang's built-in fault tolerance scores it extra points in this area.

As for more traditional programming languages, the broker-less transaction processing facilities of ZeroMQ seem a nod in the right direction (distributed processing without single points of failure, if used in the right way).

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Thanks a lot Larsmans - this is very helpful. The Multi-Agent Systems area is very relevant to what I'm studying, by the way. –  Adel Jul 10 '11 at 0:21
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My College teaches an artificial intelligence course that deals with it in detail. from what i understand, it's very achievable. it's not so much the processing power as it is the storage capacity to hold the new information. and the old information. because with this type of technology. it's constantly writing new data.

that would be the only fall back i can tell so far.

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I found a blog which answer your question. It consists lot of information about the Autonomic Computing (Around 20 articles may be). I think the Author is a researcher about Autonomic Computing.

If you wish follow the link.

Autonomic Computing Research Issues and Challenges

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