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I programmed for the iphone (and a bit for mac) for the last 1 or 2 years and now I want to learn Java.

I know OOP and am also farmiliar with a bit of the c syntax!

Are there any books like java for objective-c programmers or some stuff like that?

If you think c++ would be a better idea than Java (for game programming) please also give me tips for that. I'd really like to stay in OOP.

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Your question touches two points that are distinct.

  • You want to learn game programming

  • You want to learn java

Why specifically Java? Do you have in mind targeting Android?

Why not start doing game development on iPhone/iPad/OS X using Objective-C, since that's where you're the most competent?

If you choose to go that route, you could start easily with the Cocos2D framework (on iOS or OS X). The framework is oriented towards making 2D games.

If you want to make 3D games, you'll have to learn OpenGL (OS X) or OpenGL ES (a subset of OpenGL for mobile devices such as iOS). Material is widely available on the net and in books, as it is a very well established API.

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Based what the information you gave, I would definitely recommend you use C++. Since you already know C-style syntax, it would be an easy transition for you. Moreover, you will learn all of the OOP concepts you are interested in. Plus, if you want to learn game programming, C++ is the industry standard for game programming due its its increased speed and efficiency.

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