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Is there a guide of some sort to important milestones while learning Ruby on Rails? I'm self-taught so I don't have a mentor to tell me these things.

I've been learning Rails for 11 months, and think I'm making good progress, but I would like some informed feedback on whether I'm progressing nicely or if I need to ramp up my efforts, so I'm searching to see if such a guide exists online. Maybe someone wrote an appendix to a book they wrote on Rails, or a blog post? Something along those lines...

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This might be useful to you, the Code School courses tend to be fun and engaging, and they have some feedback loops to help you understand how well you are getting it:

Code School - Rails Best Practices

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Thanks for the resource, I'm checking it out right now! –  Jim Connors Jul 12 '11 at 17:26

Ahhhhhhh....Someone needs to throw you into the water, You'll learn pretty fast that way what you need to learn.
(In English) start a project, let that be your guide as to what to learn.

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Thanks Itay. I have learned just that way, from immersing myself in Rails. I'm just looking for some feedback on how my learning is coming along, and am wondering if there's some general guide for that online. –  Jim Connors Jul 12 '11 at 17:16

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