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I am a complete newbie considering QT. Would you say it is recommendable to use. I would like to build a GUI for my programm. I need about 10 buttons.(Maybe more) It would also be nice to have a regulator to choose colour like in photoshop. Is it hard to understand if you already have intermediate level in c++ and opengl. Which books would you recommend? Are there many differences between windows and mac, because it seems that there are much more books for windows. What else can you do with QT except for GUI-Development. Thanks in advance...


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QT is a good cross platform library. It works well under Windows, Linux, MacOSX, UNIX. We , the company I work for, develop a CAE system that supports all these platforms. The graphics subsystem is quite heavy and yet we do not have any portability or performance issues. I think that QT is good with the extra bonus of program portability.