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I am a complete newbie considering QT. Would you say it is recommendable to use. I would like to build a GUI for my programm. I need about 10 buttons.(Maybe more) It would also be nice to have a regulator to choose colour like in photoshop. Is it hard to understand if you already have intermediate level in c++ and opengl. Which books would you recommend? Are there many differences between windows and mac, because it seems that there are much more books for windows. What else can you do with QT except for GUI-Development. Thanks in advance...

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Qt Creator is a really nice IDE, especially because the documentation for the whole framework is context sensitively available all the time.

Regarding the learning curve: You can consider the extensions that Qt brings to C++ (mainly the signals/slots concept and QObject) as "dialect", but I find it hardly invasive, so you should be fine when you know C++.

Integrating OpenGL in Qt is relatively easy. Basically you have a widget that contains all your OpenGL content and you use it like any other OpenGL surface you may already know.

Regarding literature: There are books, but Qt Creator comes with a lot of examples that are well documented, so maybe this is a good starting point before diving into literature.

Have a look at the overview page to see what you can do besides GUI stuff.

If you do not leave the Qt/C++ (and maybe Boost/STL) world and omit spurious libraries you should not have real problems porting apps between windows/linux/osx. YMMV, but in my experience it worked smoothly.

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Look into examples folder to get the code snippets. There are rather good examples of what and how you are doing in qt-way.

There no MVC, for example, but Mode-View only with a dispatcher. Signal-slots way - you shoul use it everywhere instead of direct calls..

So the 1st step is study - look at examples - how things are doing in qt-way originally.

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I've used Qt/OpenGL/C++ in the Linux environment before and found it to be relatively straight-forward. Qt is well-documented. However, I had difficulty finding up-to-date examples that used OpenGL with Qt. The documentation is your friend here. The API offers some nice classes for working with OpenGL.

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QT is a good cross platform library. It works well under Windows, Linux, MacOSX, UNIX. We , the company I work for, develop a CAE system that supports all these platforms. The graphics subsystem is quite heavy and yet we do not have any portability or performance issues. I think that QT is good with the extra bonus of program portability.

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Qt can be a good choice, because it comes packed with a fully featured IDE and compile environment. Try installing the SDK and seeing for yourself. It's IDE, Qt Creator, is very easy to use and create GUIs.

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