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I am currently working on implementing a web shop on my site to sell some software products. This web shop needs a customer and a product database so it can give licenses to users. It would be time consuming for me to implement this user, product and license management system from the scratch so I am asking, for those who have experience with this kind of stuff, what are considered to be the best out of the box products?


Here are some additional details. All of the software is developed in house, so source code integration is possible but this part is already present. Software will check for a valid licence etc. I already have a code that will generate licenses. I am asking about the "server side" of the problem. Let mi clear that up. There are two kinds of software being sold:

  1. Desktop applications - User goes to the web shop, enters credit card data and buys an licence for one of these applications. Then user enters the license and application works.

  2. Web based applications - User goes to the web shop also enters credit card data and then user gets an username and password so he can login to the web application and use it.

I need a central database of all the buyers and all the licenses that they bought. So is there any system (in form of a web application) that can manage buyers in that way and provide a API for a web shop (or any other application) to query the database, add new buyers, add new licenses ...

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(Disclosure - I work for Agilis Software, a provider of license manager systems).

Are these products that you have developed, or are you a reseller of products you acquired elsewhere? If you are the developer then you can integrate the applications with a licensing system at the source-code level (the most secure and flexible way of doing so) otherwise you might just be able to do an insecure 'wrapper' type of license manager.

Other key questions are:

  • What license models do you want to offer? (e.g. time limited, feature-based, usage-based)
  • What technology are the applications built in (programming languages and platforms)?
  • What volume of licenses do you expect to issue ? (and so do you need an entirely automated system or is manual or semi-manual sufficient?)

These answers help determine whether you need a straightforward license manager system, or if a product activation solution is required.

Hope this helps,


Agilis Software

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