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I registered myself in github a few days ago. Mainly for starting projects to share some of my ideas with others as well as get the source available from anywhere. This is my first open-contribution site. I mean, I haven't used sourceforge or Google Code. Now the client software installation and other setup process are not done yet. Because I found it a bit confusing.

Probably the cause is, I have very little idea about git as a source control system. I have only used perforce with a GUI(p4v) in the workplace and knows the very basics like get a revision/open for edit/commit/revert etc.

Moreover I shall be mostly working with C#. And I shall be using Visual Studio and Windows. I have found in internet that there are other clients for visual studio. May those will suit better for me.

So, what are your suggestions? How can I get started and proceed?

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There is a very good guide at SO here. With anything like this it's all about using it as much as possible to figure it out. – J Lundberg Jul 20 '11 at 14:11

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There is a very nice guide to help you get started with Git and Github available on Github:

When you have done that, you can read some of the excellent and free e-books:

Another interesting way to get started is watching the Mastering Git screencasts at Tekpub.

As you will see, both of the books and the screencasts on Tekpub focus on using Git with the command line instead of a GUI. It may look overwhelming, but there really are only a few basic commands you'll use in your day to day life with Git. After a few minutes/hours, the command line will feel natural and since the commands are so short, it's actually even faster than a GUI.

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See this small GitHub tutorial for a start. If you have time and want to learn, read the progit book.

Install your git client from their homepage. I'd recommend Tortoise's version though. However, I didn't use any of them by myself so you'll have to see which one gives you most results.

After this, create a project with repo in GitHub and you can start.

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Check out the, which provides a nice little bootcamp with links.

Also, Tom Preston-Werner does a nice intro video: Mastering Git Basics.

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Perhaps it is best to get started with a tutorial on Git itself, such that you know what you are working with. Once you get used to Git, you can use an online repository such as Github.

Some useful links:

On Windows you can use the command-line tool msysgit, or download one of the GUIs, listed for example here:

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