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my main subjects are commercial studies and computer applications.I dont have knowledge of science. Is there a good career which involves both the subjects.

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Please clarify what do you mean by "science" - computer science (CS), or math, or science in general (like physics etc.). –  Péter Török Jul 21 '11 at 8:45

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There are entire degree programs build around this concept at many universities, it's typically called something like Computer Information Systems or Information Technology and involves things like Network Security, Computer Forensics and Database Analysis layered over a Bachelor's of Business Administration. Computer Programming is often optional in such programs though I recommend a course to see how the other half lives.

Project Managers often come from programs like these, also Systems Administrators if they are more technically inclined. Technology Purchasing Agents and Technology Sales Personnel would also be able to benefit from such a degree.

On the other hand, if you want a career that is commercial studies and involves computer applications, that's basically all of the business world these days. The phrasing of your question makes that part hard to discern. I'd be disinclined to trust a programmer who didn't understand data structures and minimal O notation at the very least.

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Yes. Business corporations. Banks. Search and you'll find.

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