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Are there any open source projects out there that are written in C++ in an agile way (TDD maybe)? I am trying to contribute to a C++ open source project in order to catch up with the language and I am not sure where to look for since the language is no longer mainstream amongst the hipsters.

Edit: I don't think I made myself clear - I want to contribute to an open source project written in C++ which follows TDD rules and such, not TDD frameworks implemented in C++ (though that might be an option).

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"no longer mainstream amongst the hipsters" Seriously?… – Klaim Jul 21 '11 at 11:27
You shouldn't be offended by this statement - I don't have anything against the language, I am trying to pick it up. Also, you pointed me to some really nice readings. Thanks! – vorad Jul 21 '11 at 12:42
I'm not offended, don't worry. It's just that you should check that kind of statement (that are rarely true for any language) at least on google before saying that publicly. Althought about C++, it's currently in a wave of increasing interest so I was just surprised by your statement. Don't believe people saying that "this language is dead, long live to this one!", there is no real death of language, just perpetual context changes. – Klaim Jul 21 '11 at 12:46
I can see why the increasing interest in C++ (C++0x), but I am just wondering who are the people who are willing to invest their free time in C++ projects when there's the other side (Ruby, Python, Perl etc.) which gives you feedback much sooner than a C++ implementation. – vorad Jul 21 '11 at 12:49
Then you don't know much about developping embedded applications (phones, special hardware, others), (high performance) games and high performance web applications like google, amazon, facebook, chrome, even language implementations? It's not because there is not much hype about a language that it isn't used everywhere it's meaningful to use it. Most high performance applications are writtent in C++ or C, most web applications are written in Java, C#, Python or Ruby. That's not always true, and you have to understand that it depends on the project's context (including the team's knowledge). – Klaim Jul 21 '11 at 13:22

There is a wikipedia list of test driven frameworks or unit testing for C++ :

Also, you can find some of the most well known unit test frameworks by googling "c++ test driven".

There have been recommendations in this question :

The "agile" thing is only about team organisation so just check team organisation documentation of projects. One open source project that I follow is OGRE3D (

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You might want to look into OpenTTD. It's not exactly agile developed (since it's in fact a hard thing to do, when developers are scattered around the globe), but it seems to be one of the best managed open source projects I've seen.

Note: some legacy C code to be expected.

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