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So I'm new in scala-play world. And just got a look at Anorm and it seemed quite cool. But I was wondering what is the proper way to use it? I guess we shouldn't just put pseudo-SQL everywhere in our code..

I took a look at the website and there is a tutorial explaining some stuff, but it is not said how to actually effectively use it.

Can anyone please share their 5cents?

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What do you mean by "proper?" –  Robert Harvey Jul 21 '11 at 16:19

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Anorm doesn not use "pseudo-SQL", it's real SQL. And you should not put your SQL everywhere in your code. You should create a Data Access Object, that contains all methods that access the database. In this sense Anorm is not different from using e.g. JDBC.

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I suggest you try this question at play framework google group

there are many play users using that technology (which is quite new, by the way) and are willing to share their experience

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