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When you need to learn a framework, what steps do you take to learning it? Do you have a specific methodology to learning a framework?

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"Effectively and quickly learn" are words that do not go together. You can learn quickly or you can learn well, but your brain really isn't built to do both, in most cases.

Having said that, when I want to learn a new technology, I learn by trying to build something difficult in it, something that will force me to explore and research, learn the idioms, and find my way around the dark corners. There are probably other ways that work too, but that's what's been the most effective for me.

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Reading this answer brings me a wave of relief. I do the same thing . Start a challenging and interesting project with the new technology. It's an uphill climb and I've often kicked myself to go faster and faster....now I will just take my damn time and just focus on completing the challenging project and reap it's rewards. –  Kim Jong Woo Apr 30 '11 at 20:20

I used to do the following:

  • Read a book on basics on go head first
  • Few weeks after, I read the whole reference

The first step helps me to learn the language The second, helps me to learn the "vocabulary"

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I don't typically learn a new framework for no reason (that is, I've got a particular project in mind that I want to learn the framework for). So I will usually take a look at a "hello world" style tutorial to find out how to get started, then I'll start building my project.

It might take a few goes to get it "right", but if the framework is good and the documentation is adequate, it doesn't usually take too many goes to get there.

Of course, that's just me, and I'm sure everybody is different.

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I google for blogs and tutorials on the framework, or a particular aspect of it I'm interested in using. Often the authors of these have actually used the framework and are somewhat closer to it than the authors of the official documentation. Then, while I'm busy following a post I find, I usually refer back to the reference docs and surf through them a bit, seeing what else I can do with the framework.

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