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This is a generic question.....I am looking to join group or groups of Software Engineers who are working collaboratively on C and C++ programming projects. My goal is to become a contributor to hone and keep my skills sharp. My background comes from developing Embedded C programs which were used to verify/validate hardware designs.

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You could see if there's a local hackerspace in your area. With an embedded background, you should be a big help getting them past Arduinos.

If you're looking for bigger projects. Go dive into an open source project that you have an interest in. Audacity still crashes on me every now and then. It would be awesome if you helped with that. But if you don't care at all about sound editing tools, then you're not going to really care about it. It has to be a project that you either use yourself, or covers some field that you have experience with.

Or start your own project, ask for other developers to hop in and be their project manager. Go make a competing Arduino IDE or something.

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+1: Hackerspace. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackerspace –  S.Lott Jul 22 '11 at 16:13

If you're looking for C and C++ projects, try to see if there are any IEEE, ACM, or LuG chapters in your area, and if you're feeling extremely ambitious and there isn't one, check out some of the others around the country and get one started in your area.

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