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So after months of searching, I finally get an offer. It's a contract position through my recruiter. Then all of a suddenly I get another offer from one of the MAJOR software engineer companies.

I already accepted my position at the first place, but this other offer gives me so much more money and it has benefits. Can I leave the contract from my recruiter to go to this other company?

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Are you required to give notice? –  JeffO Jul 23 '11 at 20:17

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Short answer: Yes!

First, read the contract and understand what does it say about you leaving. If its "at will" then understand the client can walk any day away from you and vice versa.

Then you can drop a polite email to the recruiter explaining the circumstances and see if you can work out a reasonable solution for both him/her and you but make sure to not lose a good opportunity because you were being "nice"

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Of course you can. You didn't say where are you located, but in most places, especially in the USA, employment is at will and you can leave any time for whatever reason.

The only thing is to do it nicely, and as fast as possible once you've made your mind.

Nicely because you might find yourself working with/for these people eventually, whether at the same place, or somewhere else.

As fast as possible because they need to restart their searches, and may be contact people they've rejected because you accepted the offer, to offer them the second chance.

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If you already sign a contract, you should check it, to see, how it affects you, and what are your responsabilities.

You should also, be careful about what the other company offers you, don't trust the name or the size of any company. As a Soft. Dev. who has some knowledge of Human Resources (I was going to study that), changing jobs, too often or too quickly, could be consider a sign of not being responsible.

But, as an employee, I agree that sometimes, this circumstances are the only way of getting a good job.

Many company direct recruiters or recruiters only hire people that are already working, or are going to start to work for other companies. They have this overprotective idea that if a person is unemployed is because is a bad employee for any reason.

It may be true for some cases, for not all, its very subjective. And the same employee may fit in a company, and don't fit in another company, even if the job description, seems to be similar.

For the record, I was offered a job once, and I was unemployed for 3 months after finishing a temporal project. I need more money than usual, because I had to paid not the rent, food or car gas, also some loans due to be unemployed. I accept the job a wednesday, without signing any contract, and go to the office on monday. Friday I recieve another similar job with a considerable higher income.

I took the second job, and call the first company. I just mention that I just really need the extra money.

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