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The importance of javascript and the best way to learn it?

I would like to learn Javascript, the DOM model and jQuery.

I've found many recommendations for books for each subject, but I wonder if there is a single book which teaches the three subjects in order and how they relate to each other.

Thanks for any advice.

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JS: The Good Parts by json inventor Doug Crockford –  Ashish Nautiyal Sep 20 '13 at 9:45

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David Flanagan's JavaScript: The Definitive Guide hits all three of those elements, in approximately that order. (Make sure you get version 6, as the previous versions did not cover jQuery).

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Thanks Sean. You mention "JS: The Good Parts" but the link goes to "JS: The definitive guide" I guess the link is wrong. Do you know if this is version 6? –  MiguelM Jul 27 '11 at 17:56
@MiguelM - It should have been The Definitive Guide ... The Good Parts is also a good book - but it's focus is JavaScript and it doesn't really touch the DOM much (and it doesn't touch jQuery at all). –  Sean Vieira Jul 27 '11 at 18:08

jQuery Novice to Ninja

Though its mostly about jQuery and DOM object, it also teaches you why you use this and explains the javascript portion of it very well. I had some javascript experience before reading, but pretty basic. I feel I can do almost anything to the DOM with jQuery or Javascript

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I have a membership with lynda.com and they have a video course on javascript, jquery, html, dom, etc. I have preferred this format to just reading a book.

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These books cover DOM and js (not jQuery though):

  • DOM Scripting (link) by Jeremy Keith.
  • Practical JavaScript, DOM Scripting and Ajax Projects (link) by Frank Zammetti.
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