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Pros and Cons of working Remotely/from Home

I want to know which type of programming have better performance rate? Programming at home or programming at workplace?

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I think your question is too subjective ... whos home and whos workplace? What times are you working there? Are you interested / motivated the same in both places? Are you alone or are you paired programming in both instances?

I think either can be equally productive given the right environment, motivation and decent coffee supply.

Taking a guess at your motiviation for asking the question ... perhaps your workplace isn't as condusive to being productive as your home ... maybe you should look at what is slowing you down there ... noise, time of day, interuptions, not being given interesting work etc.

That said if you have to work with others on a project there is NOTHING like face time. Being in the same place, being able to walk around and discuss problems is critical, thus I think if I had to vote, I would vote for the office over the home for larger projects.

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It depends on the individual. Some people are more productive working in an environment entirely of their own making (home) while others need the stimulation (and peer pressure) that working in a group provides. It also depends what phase a project is in, design is best done face to face while coding can benefit from quiet time.

One thing that many people forget is that they have to have an appropriate environment in which to get work done at home. That means a separate office with a door that can exclude kids, spouses, pets, etc. If someone's motivation to work from home is spend more time with their family then their productivity is going to suffer.

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