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  • Which exam(s) should be given for Java certification from Oracle.
  • is Oracle 1Z0-851 exam old SCJP ?
  • Recommend book which covers Oracle 1Z0-851 exam?

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If you're talking about this one here: link to oracle web-site, I can say that only stuff related to time and passing rate has changed. But the exam content is still the same (JavaSE6). I'm studying to take the exam and the following ones and I'm using the following material:

SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 - by far the best book regarding the subject (you can see that the Exam Topics in oracle's website are the same as the ones provided in the book... It means "same exam".

BlackBeltFactory - a lot of highly skilled java developers might be able to help you through the process

Code Ranch Mock tests page - best place to hone your skills!

I could go on and on talking about Effective Java and Java tricks and other stuff but it just not concern that certification exam you're willing to take.

Good luck!


I have seen the links written on wleao's post and I have to say they are very good. I am thinking about doing an Oracle's Java exam and it's probably I'll do 1Z0-851 too.

Also two professors told me in class that "Java Precisely" and "Thinking in Java" are very good books, I think not focused on certificates but explaining the language in general, so it could be a good auxiliary material, but I'm sure that wleao's books are quite trustful.


Both are the same exams, only the name is changed by Oracle. Java SE 7 is the latest version, it have the certification OCPJP 7. You may try this but an important one is before taking your OCPJP 7 you need to finish OCAJP 7.

I finished SCJP 6 and update my self to Java SE 7 with 1Z0-805 Upgrade exam. For my preparation i used CodeRanch Forum and epractizelabs OCPJP 7 Upgrade training lab mock exam simulator. EPractize labs also have the study material for OCPJP 7.

I didn't use OCPJP 7 simulator, i used OCPJP 7 Upgrade kit that was helps me more. I like self study so its helps me more. Before buy you try the trial. they give the trial for free.