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We have to design a flash player for three video sources of IPTV.

  1. Educational videos on the system that can be played on demand. (VOD or Video on Demand local)
  2. Streaming videos available on different websites that can be played on demand (VOD or Video on Demand remote)
  3. IPTV live streaming video feed

Videos from three sources have to be played within single flash player that we need to design. There are 2 basic requirements:

  1. For the two VOD types, we have to provide the pause and play functionality.
  2. For IPTV, pause and play is not required, However, channel switching time is critically important here. The user should get the program behaviour as close to TV experience as possible. This means channel switching should be fast. To provide this, buffering of video is required for multiple channels.

Now the questions is, is this possible? If yes, how? Secondly, what skill set (e.g. action script 3.0 , flash 10) should the flash programmer have to be able to design this? Thirdly is it as simple as making a normal FLV player? Or is it a more complex job?

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What streaming servers do you use ? –  user2567 Oct 6 '10 at 9:57
Thanks for posting Pierre. This might sound awkward but I do not have this information as yet. –  Le Mystique Oct 6 '10 at 10:22
Does anyone know the answer here? Anyone? :( –  Le Mystique Oct 6 '10 at 14:46
Should I use Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server 4? –  Le Mystique Oct 6 '10 at 14:52
This sounds like a question for Stack Overflow or possibly Server Fault. It's too concrete for this site. –  Evan Kroske Oct 21 '10 at 3:14
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As suggested i think this is an implementation issue and maybe in stackexchange or some more specialised technical guys may answer better than me, but in my case i've participated in a project where we had similar requirements (and in the same sector, different countries though ;D ) we finally used Real solutions , but i'm speaking some years ago and now the project (which i left some time ago) is trying to migrate to flash as you're suggesting, and for which i also promoted while i was involved. I've realized some essays and i think that you'll be able to make out the player with just a simple video flash player control and streaming AS3 libraries, maybe you're also interested in looking at red5 an open source flash compatible video streaming server, but what you described is , i think the typical use case of the flash video controls; VOD play,pause, rewind,... live i think that if you don't hide player's control you'll always be provided with stop functionality (but well you can also close the window, no :P )

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The Flash player you describe will be quite complex and the best design will depend heavily on the server providing the IPTV streams. Given where you seem to be in the design process I would suggest that minimizing channel switch time is a SHOULD goal (rather than a MUST) and you need to be careful that concentrating on that doesn't derail the whole project. If it genuinely is a MUST goal then you need to be thinking in terms of several prototypes to determine the best approach and extend the schedule appropriately.

One issue you'll run unto is that the kind of code you are contemplating will ideally be written from an engineering perspective if it's going to be robust but most Flash coders come from a graphic design background and are unfamiliar with the level of complexity your requirements mandate. You are correct in assuming an ActionScript 3.0 implementation will be required.

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I suggest you to use Wowza Media Server.

Everything is provided. From the highly customizable streaming server (extended API) to the flash players.

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