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I'd like a feature added to Eclipse, as a small plug-in, but:

  • It's a bit niche, so not high demand. So if I post it as a feature request it's unlikely to be followed-up.
  • Still, I'm sure someone else would find it handy.
  • I'm a programmer, but I don't know Java, and I don't think it's currently worth my time learning Java just to code this.

What might be a good way to find a programmer who could code such an Eclipse plug-in, and pay them to do the job?

My example is specifically about Java and Eclipse, but what might be an answer to this question in general terms?

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Take a look here: Hacker News Thread

To summarize it briefly:

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When I have small tasks like that, easy to define, easy to manage, I use either Rent A Coder or oDesk to find high skilled developers. With a preference for the last one.

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If you don't need a local with a physical presence (which will save you time and money in communications) then I would consider having a look at where the Eclipse plugin programmers hang out. There is most likely a mailing list where you could ask for assistance. You might even get it for free if others need the same.

I also know that JBoss have a whole division which does Eclipse plugins if you need brand names and consulting and all.

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