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Amazon has been a pioneer in bringing recommendation engines to the mainstream and is still without doubt the biggest name in this area. Netflix has been a more recent successful example, and I can think a few more off the top of my head.

What are some others examples of companies that rely heavily on advanced recommendation technology ? Bonus points for companies that have written about their approach, be it on their blog, white papers or other resources.

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What about Google Ads? They suggest things to you do they not?

Is that not what you meant?

And, to a far lesser degree, what about tab completion on the command line? :)

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I think the most interesting example of this moving forward is going to be Facebook (and perhaps G+) which is combining social with recommendation techniques. Using a database that tells you "people who liked A also liked B" is powerful - but refining that with your friends list is really powerful.

I also think the true "killer app" for this bit of science is online dating.

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