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As a female developer, I know one way I can be beckoned into a job:


None of this "You're the female, you have to do the birthday gift organising", "You're the female, you have to answer the phones", "You're the female, you go babysit the boss's kids in the meeting room".

I would be very annoyed if at the interview stage, or at starting, I found out I was only hired due to being 'the only girl to apply'. I want to be hired on my skills, not my 'assests'.

If there was ever a time when I found out my co-workers salaries, and I was getting paid less with the same experience due only to my gender, I wouldn't be happy.

I'd just like a job where I can be one of the team, not one of the subset of the team. I've been 'the token woman', the 'girl at receiption' and a few other titles, but I'd just like to be 'a developer' for once.

. . .

I know this is probably not the best way to try and get more women in the job, but anything else is just going to tip the scale towards the females, the scale that has always been heavily slanted towards the men. That's no way to introduce equality in the workplace.