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Disclaimer: This answer disagrees with the current accepted answer. Keep an open mind and see why. We're all just trying to share knowledge here anyway right? Skip to end for TL;DR For anyone stumbling upon this now, this answer tries to stick to the design pattern of MVC in context of the web defined simply below: Model: the data persistence layer View: ...


Usually you have to query DB every time you render a page. Q1 - Yes, you just have to select all items ordered by created date (well, you don't want to select ALL, but only how much you need for current page - see 'Pagination') Q2 - Yes. Same as above. This might not work exactly as you want, because SQL databases are not search engines. In SQL DB you can ...


It turns out that this feature is called time travelling and it comes from flux or redux. I use redux, go check it out:

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