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The Android codebase uses a highly modified notation that isn't strictly "Hungarian". This notation is highly influenced by the entire Google codebase, in all languages, almost all of which contains domain-specific Hungarian-style notation. Code reviews at Google pretty much require this1, and there is a ripple effect to the public codebases. why would ...


The makers if of the adapter most likely do not want to force the developers extending the class to implement said methods unless you really need them. You can extend the class without the need to use the mentioned methods, if they were declared abstract, you would have to write code you would never use, or throw the exception yourself. Go ahead and check ...


In my opinion, that's absolutely not how it's meant. And it's a violation of DRY. The idea is that the entity / domain object in the middle is modeled to represent the domain as good and as convenient as possible. It is in the center of everything and everything can depend on it since the domain itself doesn't change most of the time. If your database on ...


You actually got it right. And there is no violation of DRY because you accept SRP. For example: You have a business-Method createX(String name) then you may have a Method createX(String name) in the DAO-Layer, called within the business-Method. They may have the same signature and maybe there is only a delegation but they have different purposes. You can ...


No, you don't need to create model classes in every layer. Entity(DATA_LAYER) - is a full or partial representation of Database object. DATA_LAYER Mapper(DOMAIN_LAYER) - actually is a class which convert Entity to ModelClass, which will be used on DOMAIN_LAYER Take a look : https://github.com/lifedemons/photoviewer


Single codebase sounds good. But I find that many apps come in variant form, or at last, once you nstall one main app there's a load of other-functionality apps that are available to go with it. So I wouldn't worry about multiple apps. But then, the convenience of a single app with all functionality in it is good too, and users are used to upgrades al the ...


They can and are - the native code libraries are packed into the apk and deployed with the 'wrapper' java app that is the entry point to running a NDK application. Look at the Flow section of the concepts guide.

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