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What you're describing is the Template Method Pattern. The benefit is to describe an overall process (like log in, do something, log out) while the actual steps (or some of them) are implemented by concrete sub-classes.


DejaCode appears to have wondered this same question. This is what they found: Empty marker files named MODULE_LICENSE_xxx (where xxx is a license "key") are stored in the codebase side-by-side or close to the code they document. Typically, the presence of such a file indicates that the code in a current directory has a given license identified by xxx ...


If the device in question is a custom or generic tablet on a conventional platform (x86, ARM...), then ask yourself what do you need exactly from it. Do you really need a whole Ubuntu distribution, or will the tablet boot directly into your application? In that case I would go for a basic embedded linux distribution that will take care of your hardware and a ...


Actually, I'm not 100% sure what you're asking but: If you register a PendingIntentto the AlarmManager you can rely on the system to deliver your intent. If you registered the BroadcastReciever in your app's Manifest, the code in the Receiver will be executed (Note: always consider doing the actual logic in an IntentService, since BraodcastReceivers only ...


Start with the proposition that an application has a user interface. How do you want that to look and behave? You have 4 choices. Android native. You're going to write Java, but you can extend it in C++ using the NDK. HTML5/Javascript. You're probably going to write Javascript, but you can extend it using a server or a wormhole. Renderer. You can write any ...


Do you have a model/businscomponent/service that is responsible for managing the data? for me your description sounds as if your gui elements (activity/fragment) are doing the work. The usual way would be to have a model/businscomponent/service that handles the data and is used by different gui components.

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