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You're overestimating the importance of source code, and underestimating the importance of everything else in the value chain of selling software. Sure, a contractor might steal your source code. But what then? Will they be able to create a release, maintain the code further, contact your customers and sell them a knock-off for a lower price? Almost ...


Why focus on how big companies handle it when small companies also have the same issues? I'm the sole backend developer for a small company and have access to all of my company's Git repositories, both at work and at home. In theory I could take all this work and run off with it at any moment. There are many reasons why I don't including, but not limited to: ...


That's part of the ASP.NET MVC framework itself. Check out EditorExtensions Html.EditorForModel(); That should auto generate HTML for each public property of the model. There are other overloads there that let you control what your html ends up looking like more.


As jquery is a Javascript library that gets executed on the client machines, using it in a public-facing website can be seen as distribution of the code. When you distribute GPL licensed code, you must make the entire application open-source under the GPL or a compatible license. If my assessment of the Javascript code being distributed when used in a ...


This isn't a bad way to go about rewriting an application. This would be particularly useful for a long term rewrite happening in phases: Add a "test project" that utilizes CodedUI tests (or Watin or Selenium) to test the WebForms application through the browser. You could also use SpecFlow to define your test cases. I've used this to great affect on a ...


Large companies do restrict which of their employees has access to their source code. And having access to source for one product does not mean you have access to source for all products. But I think this has less to do with preventing the kind of theft you're talking about, and more to do with avoiding accidental changes to the wrong code. One of the ...


You don't need to specify the interface again since the base class already implements it, it is redundant to add it again but it shouldn't harm anything either. I also don't know why they are explicitly implementing the interface instead of overriding the existing virtual methods which already implement the interface.

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