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I believe this is a perfect use case for a view, in other words a "virtual table" defined by an SQL query on real tables in the database. By default a view is generated from the real data every time a query needs to be executed on it, but some RDMSs support views with caching/precomputing/etc. Oracle calls these "materialized views", and SQL Server calls ...


You can manually minify and bundle the files and add some compilation instructions to switch between the two options depending on whether you are building for release or debug If its your own javascript/css and it changes often you can automatic the minify process into your build script.


I've worked in places where CLR assemblies are used in this fashion. In my opinion it is a bad idea. Here's my reasoning. 1: Embedding logic in the database is always bad. This is a 'programming philosophy' position, but I feel that it is justified as a general rule 2: The CLR will be limited to .net 2 on mssql server 3: The CLR may timeout or error due ...

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