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This approach is pretty common in workflow applications. Business logic may not be in database tables but it can often be dynamically loaded by the system and designed by domain experts. Workflow foundation may be worth a look.


You could create a table that stores courses that can be taken with each other: CourseCombination (id, course1id, course2id). Then you could create a table that stores a single value representing the time frame a student can take any given combination of courses: CourseCombinationTimeFrame. Then in your application create a place for the system ...


Main thing is once the product is delivered, and if there is any need of changing the business logic then they want to be able to that themselves That's potentially a huge issue. You need to be able to scope this, and determine what they're likely to want to change e.g. switch between a couple of behaviours? Then provide a config/flag to provide that ...

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