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anyone can learn different practices, the question is whether yours are too "restrictive" and whether you have the time to review their code and mould them to what you want. You may end up with a dev who takes so much of your time. Best approach first is to say this in interview and see what they think. Mobile devs seem to the be new "web developers", in ...


I'm my opinion, you should change your code so that it is Simple, Consistent and Readable. I wrote some blog posts on this topic, and trust me they are simple to understand: What is good code Simple: Just like a circuit board contains different pieces, each one with a responsibility. Code should be divided into smaller, simpler parts. Consistent: Use ...


The first approach is fine. In procedural languages, like C, the standard approach is to divide functionality into namespaces - using static classes like DatabaseInfoGetter is basically the same thing. Obviously this approach leads to simpler, more modular and more readable/maintainable code than shoving everything into one class, even if everything is ...


Since you are not a professional programmer, I would recommend sticking to simplicity. It will be a LOT easier for programmer to take your modularized, procedural code and make it OO later, than it will be for them to fix a badly written OO program. If you are not experienced, it is possible to create OO programs that can turn into an unholy mess which will ...


It is called an inversion of authority, named so by Ed Yourdon if memory serves. An example of the usage can be found here.


Circular Dependency If we view pageControl.js as your UI layer, a controller perhaps, and searcher.js as you data access and or business layer, a circular dependency has been introduced that effectively makes them inseparable and defeats any benefits of layering. Arguments could also be made for spaghetti code and accidental complexity.

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