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No, because the computers and software environment that the application runs on will continue to change even whilst the code is frozen. The operating system continues to evolve with patches and fixes, as well as the devices and drivers. Just when you think you have reached the point of no known bugs, AMD or nVidia will release a video driver update that ...


It is possible to consistently deliver bug-free software, given sufficient discipline and shared team culture. (And well-factored modular code, a comprehensive suite of automated tests, inspecting defects and adapting your process, and a lot of other things that require effort and humility but pay back thousandfold) But doing this, you don't generally set ...


Complexity is O(log(x) * n), or O(log(x) * (n - 1)) if you want the exact upper bound. Why? Because the inner loop can be determined to have at most n - 1 iterations each. You can provoke the worst case for x = n^i - 1 for any positive integers x, n and i.

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