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You might want to step back and see where and why those existing models come from. When a process is created, it is simply given a flat storage area which is simply indexed from 0 to N. Because this storage area (talking about RAM here) is backed by a dedicated hardware and some fancy semiconductors it happens to be pretty fast, but it's not the only one of ...


For integers, the only exponentiation operations that are normally present in hardware are the shifts, << and >> (in C parlance), which multiply by exponential powers of two. For anything else with integers, you run out of bits to represent things far too quickly for it to be useful; by the time you've sorted that problem out, you might as well ...


Short answer: because it is the default approximation of a real number the language in question provides.


Some machines (especially microcontrollers) include hardware to accelerate extended-precision (512+ bits) multiplies, and such hardware will inherently help with exponentiation as well (useful for things like RSA ciphers). Hardware to expedite precise exponentiation (other than by expediting multiplication) is rare because performance with or without such ...

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