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In examining problems and possible solutions, it helps me to use a method popularized by Jeff Atwood: If God were to create a way to store sensitive configuration information, how would he do it? Well, he would know who needs configuration information and only give it to those people, and the information would never be able to be accessed by anyone else. ...


I think your options are somewhat defined by the OS you are deploying to I would suggest, yes put the values in source control. BUT only the 'dev' versions. You want your source code to compile AND work! not include extra secret steps Your build and deploy process should then swap these values out per environment during deployment. (octopus has this kind ...


Possibly there is no one good answer to this. It seems that you need to store this data somewhere safe, as it will be needed for disaster recovery purposes one day. This applies equally to properties files and scripts that set environment variables. With the source code (in SVN/GIT etc) is a really bad idea, as this data will contain production database ...


While not being explicit about it, SemVer applies to released packages. Therefore, if you, as release manager, build a package containing all 3 commits then you only have to increment the version once. If you choose to release them in separate packages then you have to increase the version each time you release.

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