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Not really, if the source code is obtained from the tagged branch, then its obvious which version is which! You may have more difficulty if you're working on a branch, which is probably taken from trunk, or one taken from a tag so you won't necessarily know which version the source corresponds to. If you can find the version the source came from, then its ...


Teamcity will tell you all of the commits that triggered the build. Get a list of names of the people making those commits, and assign the task to all of them.


Full disclosure: I am one of the participants in the discussion. The repository's master branch is not it's master branch. The merge into master does not serve any "actual purpose" and that branch is not doing things a branch should do (namely move). You're abusing this branch as a Tag to the latest release. Instead of using a branch, use a Tag. When ...


What I'd do in this situation is to mark the failing tests as "ignored" - that way you still have the test so that you know what you need to fix in future, but you're not going to end up with broken builds. If you also tag each test with the issue tracker reference for fixing the issue, that gives you an easy way to tie things together.


Continous delivery (CD from now on) The case you expose might not be considered CD at all if we take in account the environment where you do the delivery. CD is about to be able to perform quick deployments and releases in a productive environment. Indeed it can be hard to do so if you are not capable to do it on your test/integration envs. CD is a ...

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