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Never As long as the project's code has a direct descendent to an Apache 2.0 License you should never remove attribution. If you do a greenfield project where every single line is new and not copied over, then you can remove attribution. There are some things you should never cut corners on, proper procedures around licensing are one of them.


This sounds pretty normal to me. The startup is being careful to be able to show that they fully own all of the code in their solution. This is very important if they are eventually purchased by another company. That other company needs to know that no one is going to later claim ownership to the software they thought they bought. You might want to ...


Ownership of the code means that you will be assigning copyright to them. In practical terms, that means that you will not retain any of their source code when the project is finished. That way, you can't be accused of reusing the code you wrote for them in other projects. This is a fairly typical arrangement; they are paying you to write code for them, ...


Always, always, always include copyright notices in your code regardless of anyone's intent to distribute or not to distribute the source code. Reasons: Policy may change in the future. Who wants to manually add a few hundred copyright notices or try to come up with a regex or other process to do it correctly? Just make it part of your "new file" template ...


Well twitter has a patent on the pull to refresh functionality so in theory you could get sued if you chose to copy that feature. That is just one example. There are tons of software patents out there, so no. You can't always copy a feature.


The problem starts with identifying who gets the rights. For open source it is easy—everybody. But if you want to restrict it, you need to identify the members somehow. Having everybody grant rights to everybody else in the group is impractical, because everybody would have to update it when new members join the group and if some of the original members ...

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