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The problem starts with identifying who gets the rights. For open source it is easy—everybody. But if you want to restrict it, you need to identify the members somehow. Having everybody grant rights to everybody else in the group is impractical, because everybody would have to update it when new members join the group and if some of the original members ...


You establish ownership by asserting copyright. I can easily do this for a $1000 fee. Or you could do it yourself by inserting a comment: // Copyright Your Name Here , 24/04/2015, all rights reserved at the top of your source code.


Copyright concerns/protects (source) Reproduction of the work Derivatives of the work Distribution/publication of the work Public performances of the work Public displays of the work But there is fair use! There is a 4 pronged test if the use is fair, your use might be fair, your edit implies to me that it might!


Copyright, trademark, and patents are three very different things with very different laws concerning each. You seem to be confused on the basics of these matters you should do some research; here is a document explaining some of the US copyright system. In general: Copyright protects a specific expressions of an idea. Patents protect inventions; ...


Minecraft is actually an invalid example, as it was a proprietary commercial project. If Microsoft purchases the IP rights to the project, and does not keep the Mojang developers on, then it's no different from any other proprietary project: you don't own the rights to what you work on, under "work made for hire" doctrine. Having said that, for an actual ...


The MIT license only requires that the copyright notice is kept. It does not require you to keep the same license. And this makes sense: The MIT license wants you to do with the code whatever you want, but if you build upon the source code, it will still contain parts that were written by the original author(s). These authors retain the copyright for the ...


New additions to an MIT-licensed library don't preclude the inclusion of any additional copyright holders. So yes, you should include the new copyright declarations. The MIT license is included in any derivative works. So if you use the library in your application, and your application has its own license, you still have to include the MIT license (and ...

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