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You might consider using a Queue Pooling mechanism in order to manage RabbitMQ Queues, and also to determine necessary pool-size under load. Here is a tutorial on the subject.


Event storage Event storage will depend on your application but it is a lot easier if you use a flexible storage for your events (so a NoSQL DB, JSON or XML). How you deal with updates will depend on several factors you need to take into account such as requirements for availability and timeframes for updates, amount of events, etc... Update your events ...


My understanding of CQRS here, is it definitely feels like a disciplined implementation strategy for the middle tier more specifically (*) itself a supplier of the service tier (which calls into CQRS) - e.g., WCF, and a consumer of the domain model/data tiers (which is called from CQRS) - e.g., ADO.NET, Entity Framework, or whatnot. So, unless I missed ...

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