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I would look into the shared kernel. This is where two teams share some subset of the domain model. I wouldn't duplicate data but create a library where both parts of the domain are combined. It's not for everything in both domains but the parts that are needed to make meaningful use of both domain's in one place.


You could consider SOA if you want to. The thing is here you're only dealing with Commands. If you add the Publish/Subscribe pattern (message queues, service bus), you can have the serives publish events/messages, and not have to know who the subscribers were; the subscribers would all get the news and operate off the message contents.


My advice is to stop thinking about services, commands and fancy terms in OO design. I would strongly recommend modelling your business logic without thinking about service oriented architecture, how the data will be transferred from clients to the service, etc. You have an application. Your application clearly has two modules: Module for processing a ...

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