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Could someone write an opensource version of the Windows API? Yes, but you are asking the wrong question! Okay, after that teaser ;-) let's step back a bit. The answer to the question "can someone write X" is almost always "Yes". Unless it is "No". Well, okay, that's not terribly helpful. Obviously, the answer to a Yes/No question is either Yes or No. ...


Not... really. You can implement most APIs that way but some of them fundamentally expose the model used by the operating system. For example, consider fork(), which basically has no possible Windows implementation. In the general case, you can do, but for specific APIs, it may be that the underlying OS such as Linux simply does not offer that feature.


We're using the code from whenever we run into problems on cmd.exe and windows. Linux seems to be utf-8, and the only problem we've seen there is when windows users' putty settings have been off. I don't know about OS X. Can you implement unicode ...

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