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Something and everything that needs to represent itself as cross-platform will need some sources to sustain itself that aren't available in each environment. You're best with providing own sources (libraries or runtime environment) with your application. For example , take a look at NW.js, which was previously known as "node-webkit" project, uses javascript ...


You could use some languages with compiled implementations available on all the 3 platforms, e.g. Ocaml or Common Lisp or Haskell or Scheme (or maybe Go, Rust, Opa, Haxe, ...) You could also use implementations which compiles to C or C++ code, in particular Bigloo, Hop, etc.... (At some point Mozart/Oz was doing so) BTW, notice that even C has some runtime ...


If it can run in a browser, then JavaScript is available, as well as languages that compile to JavaScript like Dart, CoffeeScript, ClojureScript, and TypeScript. These are your only good choices for running on mobile devices as well as desktops and Chromebooks. For compiled desktop apps, there's Go. At a less mature state, there's D, Rust, and Nim.

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