Dart (originally, Dash)[2] is an open source Web programming language developed by Google.The goal of Dart is ultimately to replace JavaScript as the lingua franca of web development on the open web platform.

Dart is a class-based, single inheritance, object-oriented language with C-style syntax. It supports interfaces, abstract classes, reified generics, and optional typing. Static type annotations do not affect the runtime semantics of the code. Instead, the type annotations can provide documentation for tools like static checkers and dynamic run time checks.

Dart is designed to run in modern web browsers, either directly inside a Dart virtual machine embedded in the web browser, or as compiled JavaScript. Dart's virtual machine is also designed to run Dart programs on the server or command line. For example, the Dart project ships libraries for network IO, files, and directories.

Dart compiles to modern JavaScript, allowing Dart apps to run on the modern web. However, there is a special version of Chromium that embeds the Dart virtual machine.[7] This enables this browser to run Dart programs without first being compiled to JavaScript.

Here you can find official website of DART

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