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Well, after long searching and going through my own studydocuments I ended up with LTS (labelled transition system) with two different transitions for example m(for main) and s(for sub) so you have a set of nodes. and a set of transitions, which contain the information, if it is in the main production line or if it comes from a sub production line.


In my opinion solution depends how complex your testing environment is. Solution no1 looks simpler and you are able to use import static to simplify it even more this way you follow kiss principle Also solution no1 performs better as you do not need to create another stack call on thread that takes place in solution no 2. However solution no2 seems to ...


There are two arguments for using accessor methods instead of public variables: Access Control: A method allows us to publish only a getter method, or to add value-based (in contrast to type-based) constraints on a setter. With public final identifiers, this point is irrelevant, as that value can't be changed, and invariants therefore can't be broken by ...


InputStream itself is already an abstraction of a stream of bytes that can be read. A ByteArrayInputStream is a specific implementation of InputStream that gets the bytes in the stream from an underlying byte array (that's the one the constructor wants you to supply). For your method here, there is probably not much benefit in having a ByteArrayInputStream, ...

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