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Versioning your static resources is one of the options. I personally use a build system as I have far too many files to update manually. Here is a barebone example using gulp, but you must be able to do the same in your preferred build system/task runner: // gulpfile.js var gulp = require( "gulp" ), ... other modules htmlReplace = require( ...


If it contains Just simple CRUD, why SQL ? you can use SQLite and no need to install anything .. Just .Net Framework, But if you already finish implementation, you will just need .Net Framework and the Database Server which will be local in your case.


Many development environments have "Debug" and "Release" modes which you can use for this purpose. In those environments, they include compiler directives that allow you to, for example, remove features in debug mode. If your environment doesn't have these provisions, I think it is better to control them with configuration files. Otherwise, you have two ...

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