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This is more specific to Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment. To achieve this Jenkins, Bamboo tools are recommended and easy integration with your repositories, build script and deployment on respective server for Jenkins you can visit : This would guide you of installation, setup and configuration.


Continous delivery (CD from now on) The case you expose might not be considered CD at all if we take in account the environment where you do the delivery. CD is about to be able to perform quick deployments and releases in a productive environment. Indeed it can be hard to do so if you are not capable to do it on your test/integration envs. CD is a ...


have you looked at the slot-specific configuration items? Under WebApp/Settings/Application Settings you can specify settings for the web app but also define whether it only applies to this slot. You could, therefore, have a slot-specific connection string for your staging slot and apply the migration on swapping slots too.

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