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Would it be smart to use Docker to automate deployment? It might be, however I'd focus on what Docker can be used to achieve rather than whether or not you should use Docker. Usually Docker is used to achieve one or more of the following attributes: Parity between your development and production environments Disposable environments that can be ...


My answer to What version control system can manage all aspects? may help. Basically, you need to tag the released version so an automated process can check it out. I've used cron to check for and apply changes on a periodic basis.


If, as you write, you directly edit files on the server over SFTP, your only option (as far as I can see) is to install git on the server, login via SSH and do all git operations locally. You'd have to create a repository on the server, add all your files and then commit regularly. In that case your working directory would be the directory where all the JS ...


SVN/GIT or any control version should work. Except for very specific application, web application a rarely live ( in the sense Physically loaded in memory) and i assume your application doesnt rewrite itself ( else you have the risk of rewriting the push you just made). Then if you push your file the next call on the webserver/php will load the new code ...

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